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GARDALL Fire Safes, Containers and Files by type

Data Safes are uniquely constructed for storage of computer diskettes, CD’s, photo negatives, microfiche and microfilm, all of which would be damaged in a standard fire safe.  These safes should have the U. L. (Underwriters Laboratory) label for 125 to 150 degrees.

Data Containers are similar to Data safes, but they are smaller and considerably more affordable.  They usually have to be placed inside of another fire rated safe or fire rated filing cabinet.

Fire Safes should have the U. L. 350 degree label for one or two hours.  This type of safe is not built for burglary protection, but some are built better than others.  Avoid imports.

Fire Containers are similar to Fire Safes bearing the same U. L. ratings, but they are smaller and cost much less.  Because their burglary protection is very low, these should not be used for storage of valuables.

Fire Safes with RSC Label is constructed differently and is more suitable for storage of valuables up to a point.  RSC is a U. L. label for Residential Security Containers having heavier plate steel materials rather than sheet metal construction.  These safes normally incorporate a few other upgrades to offer protection against a more sophisticated attack.  These are often referred to as BF (burglary / fire) safes.

Fire Safes with TL Label is a heavy safe offering a high degree of burglary protection.  Like other fire safes, these come in a variety of sizes for home and business use.  These are often referred to a High Security Fire safes or
TL – 15 or TL – 30 Composite safes.  This is where you store cash, jewelry and other valuables with confidence.

Fire Rated File Cabinets are available in many sizes and configurations. Typically these will hold and organize much more paper than a safe, but they are low in the burglary resistance department.  Nevertheless, every home and business should have one for important papers, and they are ideal to hold Data safes.


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