Understanding Business Security

Today, there are many reasons why a business should think more about the importance of its security. Understanding business security measures can go a long way in sufficiently protecting a company’s building perimeter, assets and employees. Implementing basic security measures such as changing or upgrading locks, especially for the owner of a “small” business, will help guard against burglary, invasions and violence.

Some companies have the money to provide themselves with security and many larger companies have already increased their security because of the possibility of new threats. For this reason, smaller businesses are becoming more attractive to criminals as targets because they are easier to break in.

What can you do to limit the possibility of security threats?

Traditional Locks

Understanding business security means understanding what type of locks are right for your property. It pays to have high quality locks installed on your premises. Quality locks are important on the inside and outside of your premises to prevent a variety of criminal acts. Call ABC Lock & Key of El Paso for a free on-site security review and we will show you where your vulnerabilities are.

“Getting a proper balance of locks installed on your property can pay for itself the first time someone attempts to trespass!”

Limited Access

Using traditional locks are good but what if you need a smarter way to regulate traffic through a specific door for reasons of highly sensitive material. The information that you get from your customers as well as the information you have for your business should be well protected. Don’t wait for a breach in security to secure all of your information. A mistake like that can mean spending a lot of time and money to make up for it. It’s best to always take precautions to avoid leakage of sensitive data.

Keyless locks, pushbutton deadbolts and other forms of keyless entry might be enough to limit access but how do you know exactly who goes in and out of a specific entry way. In some cases, you may want only a small list of names allowed in a specific area for reasons of restrictive regulation and keeping activity logs. Making sure that you limit computer access to qualified employees in designated rooms is essential to the activity needed to perform specific jobs. You do not want just anybody accessing external websites or networks in an area of your interior walls where a single threat is all it takes to bring down your network. With the right defense such as proximity cards and biometrics, you can be confident of knowing that unqualified people are not compromising security and causing liability.

Paper Shredding

Many businesses don’t realize that paper files that they consider unimportant may be seen as an opportunity by criminals or disgruntled employees to seize sensitive information. Consider simple files and documents that are just lying around awaiting the paper shredder, . . with just a name or email address, an individual with the intention of obtaining and selling this information is enough to not only compromise the confidence of your client/customer base but any ‘business-to-business’ contacts that you deal with. Information can also be used to archive or sell for reasons of data mining, sending spam, email injection and worse yet, identity theft.

Audits of all employee information that are stored in computers or profiles should be done regularly to reduce security risks. Moreover, all paper documents containing client or business information should be kept well organized and locked in a secure storage area. If they are outdated and no longer needed, they should not be moved from their secure location until the day they are scheduled for destruction. Unfortunately, audits and proper shredding techniques may be tasks that some companies are either unfamiliar with or unable to on their own. So what do you do about security until a final decision is made?

Get a Free On-Site Security Review

The real key to security for small businesses is simply being logical and organized. Placing precautionary measures for eventualities might seem too much at the start, but having things happen because you haven’t prepared for it is much worse. The time and the resources you will
have to allot to do a simple upgade on locks and keys is well worth the time and can pay for itself the first time there is a security breach. If you find setting up security for your business to be daunting, it’s always good to consult a professional. This might seem like an added expense, but proper security is a vital part of your business and should not be taken lightly.

ABC Lock & Key of EL Paso will come to your location and provide you with a free security business review. We will professionally assist you in designing a security system specifically designed to protect your unique assets. Whether it’s valuble property or paper files that are scheduled for destruction, we have the knowledge to help your organization in maintaining and upgrading

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